Proudly we present our fully furnished apartments for your holidays or your business trip to Tübingen. Our concept is to offer comfortable, modern and relaxing apartments where guests arrive and feel at home directly. That’s our approach and we invite you to test, whether we succeeded. The apartments are officially registered by the city of Tübingen. The registration numbers are: RNT20220109 and RNT20220110.

The apartments are situated in a very quiet neighbourhood nearby the Tübinger Kunsthalle (museum with exhibitions of modern art). To reach most of the clinics or the university (Morgenstelle) you just need three busstops or may take a beautiful walk through the botanical garden of the university. To reach the historical city it is a ten minute ride by bus. If you are coming by car, you may use the parking space in front of the house free of cost. Pets are not allowed in our apartments.

We offer two types of apartments. The four-star-certified Palmer Suite has four beds in two separate bedrooms. The smaller Uhlandstube has two beds. Please find photos and detailed descriptions of our holiday apartments in Tübingen in the sections Live, Pay and Locate of this homepage. You will also find reviews of guests.

Additionally, to make the best out of your stay in Tübingen we would like to give you some personal tips. What is a must to discover and experience in and around our historical city?  Where do I get the best swabian or international food? Which museums are worthwhile visiting? What are the best destinations for relaxing, beauty or sports? We want to inspire you and let you taste our small and beautiful town. And we are looking forward to meeting you personally. If you have any more questions, please, mail or phone at any time.

See you in Tübingen!

Ludwig Cremer

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Tübingen at its best

We want you to experience Tübingen’s most beautiful sites. Therefore we give some personal recommendations. No sponsored links or advertisements, but some rare and selected tips for body and soul.

Sustainability is our topic, too

People who provide rooms in hotels or apartments as well as their guests can do quite a few things to preserve our climate, to keep our planet green and cool. Of course, not everyone does. But instead of blaming anybody we would like to give some expamles of our contribution.

Green energy

Several years ago we cancelled our traditional supply agreement with its mixed, mostly non-renewable ressources. We changed to a tarif using electricity made from renewable ressources only. Our provider is Lichtblick. In 2023 we invested in 34 solar panels on our roof. They are producing up to 13,38 kw/h electrical energy. So, if our guests are using the dishwasher or the washing machine when the sun is shining, the electricity for that is directly coming from our roof.

Sun heats our water

Holiday apartments are requiring quite a lot of hot water for heating, showers, bath tubes or dish washing. In order not to use too much fossile ressources for that, we invested into six large solar collectors and found an ideal flat roof to install them southward and in a angle of 45 degrees. They are harvesting solar energy and injecting it into two water tanks of 1.000 and 400 litres.

Clean laundry

Each guest gets towels of different sizes, uses bath mats, tea towels, cleaning cloth and so on. Therefore, each stay of guests results into a huge amount of laundry which we clean by ourselves. In doing that we have the possibility to use the most sustainable detergents (for example mild detergents without bleaching agents) and to use rain water from our 6.000-Litre-cistern.

Attitude and values

Preserving our environment and climate needs a certain attitude. It needs mindfulness. But to make a real difference out of that attitude you have to start a long run. We try to take the path of sustainability step by step and think about it whether it comes to furniture, technical devices or cleaning agent. But sometimes ecological arguments e.g. for long lasting products compete against technical progress or changing fashion. Examples are furniture as well as technical devices like TV flatscreens, dishwashers or fridges. Probably you will find things which from a sustainable perspective are not 100 percent correct. But we are still learning. If you have an idea to make things better, please, tell us. We have started walking the sustainable way. And we will go further.